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Why You Might Still Have Pain After Rehab

“The more severe pain is and the longer it persists, the more likely it is to create what Z-Health refers to as ” Chronic Central windup.” Inadequate pain control that becomes chronic.” Simply put, if you are in pain, you can actually create learning of pain and literally get better at being in pain.

Does this sound and feel familiar? Are you unable to do everyday activities that were second nature before and are now an unbearable struggle? It’s time to stop this cycle and live again!

Join Sara’s Health & Fitness on May 15 from 6:00-7:00 pm and listen to Sara speak about “Chronic Central Windup,” and how you can start living a pain-less life again beginning that night!

Sara, has owned her business over 12 years and has 27 years of experience in the professional fitness industry. Sara is a highly qualified professional.

Certifications: Z-Health® Movement Reeducation Specialist, Z-Health® Movement Integration Specialist, Z-Health® Movement Performance Specialist, Z-Health® Exercise Therapy Specialist and AFAA Group Fitness.

There are less than 200 Z-Health Practitioners in WI that practice. Sara and Steve are two of them.