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Why Do I Hurt?

Why Do I Hurt? by: Sara Karman
I’ve been so fortunate to work with people and help them better their lives and resume to activities that pain and chronic pain have held them back from doing.
Everyday I hear about back issues, shoulder pain, discomfort, arthritis, headaches, fatigue, depression, IBS, muscle weakness, anxiety, etc. 
I hear about extensive medical tests, medical expenses, various forms of pain medication,muscle relaxants, membrane stabilizing drugs. 
Sadly I hear “No one believes me, nothing helps, I’ll just have to live with it.”
You have a “Brain Pharmacy.” We all know the several pain medications that can be bought, but few know the powerful pain medicine your brain produces. The brain uses chemicals such as endorphins, enkephalins, opioids and serotonin to help us ease pain.
For example: when you stub your toe, it can be very painful for awhile. The toe hurts much less within a few seconds. In this case, the brain uses endorphins and other chemicals to ease the pain experience.  
You do not have to live with “chronic pain.”
I am a certified “Movement Practitioner.” I practice neuroscience. I unplug wires that are impinged through different kinds of instructional movement. 
I can make you stronger, run faster, swing or bat faster.
Your end to pain and restrictions can stop after working with me.