Success Definition To Weight Loss and Life

What is your success definition when it comes to dieting and weight loss?  Your weight, dress size, calorie intake, BMI, or how many pounds you’ve lost?
You may envision weight loss and nutrition success to feel like a smooth waltz, but It’s actually more like the two-step – one step forward and two steps back.
No one only takes forward steps. No one.
Can you imagine if every single thing you ever did worked out perfectly the very first time? What would you learn from that? How would growth and transformation occur? Where would the challenge be if there were never setbacks and bumps in the road? Would you even appreciate any of the good stuff if there were never any rocky roads?

  • If your idea of success and happiness is reaching or maintaining a certain body weight or having rock hard abs, you’re short-changing yourself and limiting all the possibilities available for being happy.
    Does it really mean you’re a failure if the scale doesn’t show the right number?
    What if our definition of failure becomes “a beautiful way to learn and grow; an opportunity to do things differently next time? A chance to learn from mistakes because you were a brave kick-ass risk taker.
    Imagine what your life would look like with a New Success Definition.
  • Freedom from self-hate.
  • Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see. Not hiding and isolating yourself because you THINK people are judging you.
  • Unconditional love for yourself. You are human and will make mistakes. Period. Get over it and love your mistakes and blemishes and accept yourself just as you would a young child who is learning how to be in this world.
  • Feeling that you are enough just as you are. You don’t need to prove your worth. You are worthy just because you are here.
  • Dusting yourself off when things don’t work according to plan, and being able to grow from these life challenges.
  • Having an avid curiosity about life. You’re so excited about all the opportunities this life has to offer. You have an unquenchable desire to learn and experience new things.
  • Being kind to yourself and others. You attract kind, generous, compassionate, supportive people.
  • Giving your time and attention to be of service in the world. You get what you sow, and you know that everything you give will come back to you tenfold.
  • Facing your fears to meet your goals and desires. You know that fear is just part of being human. You walk through your fears and doors are opened to you because of your courage.              Doesn’t this new success definition sound better?
    Better than measuring your success solely on your body weight and size? Who gives a rip what size you wear when you have a life that’s abundant with love, adventure, connection, and happiness?
    Think of a small baby or toddler. You don’t hate or judge or consider them a failure if they don’t learn to walk, talk, or use the toilet right away.
    Treat yourself like that beautiful innocent child. You owe yourself time and patience and love when you’re trying to master anything in your life.
    Maybe you didn’t get that unconditional love when it came to your weight as a child or a teen. So give yourself that unconditional love now.  You deserved it.
    Successful people understand that 2 steps back is part of our human experience that strengthens us and helps us learn and grow. It doesn’t mean we are failures; it just means we have to appreciate and anticipate our next forward steps.
    Everyone takes two steps back (or more) on their nutrition and weight loss journey. How you perceive these backward dance steps is the key to how successful you are in loving your body and your life.
    When you eat a cookie or bag of chips at the end of a long, exhausting day, do you consider yourself a failure? Do you feel guilty and say “I’m a failure; I quit?”
    Get over it.
    It’s a minute of time. Move forward. Take that one step forward.                                                What can you learn from your 2 steps back?
  • You make poorer choices when you’re tired or frustrated.
  • Things often get worse before they get better; it means a breakthrough is imminent.
  • Facing the challenges in your life allows you to move through them and evolve and grow.
  • You reach for comfort foods when you’re stressed. This can be a good short term way for you to feel safe in this crazy world. When this comfort food is gone, it’s OK to feel a little shaky.
  • Your actions don’t make you weak or bad; they make you human
  • You’re not alone; everyone takes 2 steps back at some point.                                              Forgiving yourself feels like freedom and love

This article was written by “Soulful Nourishment.

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