Personal Coaching

Not staying active can be disastrous for health at any age, but especially among older adults. People lose 30 percent of their muscle mass between age 50 and 70, research shows, which can slow metabolism and cause weight gain, as well as limit mobility and raise the odds of developing osteoporosis and pain.

In addition to strength training, balance exercises are particularly important; one-third of adults over 65 endure falls (and potentially serious injuries as a result) every year, according to the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability.

Sara teaches proper exercise techniques and helps people make appropriate modifications to accommodate for any physical limitations and decrease risk of injury while exercising,

Corrective Exercise

If your body is out of alignment for any reason, it can create chronic damage that prevents even basic movements. Sara, has the ability to identify problem areas and apply legitimate corrective techniques to effectively promote functional body correction as part of every training program. 

Body Composition

By itself, your weight on the scale tells us nothing useful regarding body science. Add 10 pounds of muscle and lose ten pounds of fat, the scale shows zero progress and you are “the biggest loser.” Approach fat loss and muscle gain from a productive body compositionperspective. Done the right way, you should enjoy the process of bringing your body composition into focus.

Sara has a variety of training packages for you to choose from. Each one is customized according to the clients wants and needs. She requires a sit-down consultation to first see if there’s a chemistry match. This is very important because of the one on one work and the energy that is shared between her and her clients. She puts in her 100% and expects the same in return. It’s important to be ready to change wether it’s for fitness, health or pain related. Sara will be honest in her consultations if she and you are ready at that time. She’s not one to take money and tell you what you may want to hear, however she is very empathetic with her clients and treats each one with the outmost professional respect. Sara can be reached by phone: 608-884-9728 or by email: