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Is It Necessary To Set A Resolution?

I hope you are getting to spend quality time with your loved ones, sharing loads of laughter.
This time of year brings lots of reflecting and preparing. While I am a huge fan of setting yearly goals, I am not a fan of “resolutions”. Mostly because resolutions in my opinion feel short lived. In the same way I don’t like the word “diet”

One of my goals is to help you work toward a healthy lifestyle. A life full of both short and long term goals. If a diet is one of the resolutions you added to your list, let me help you look at it a bit different. Take baby steps toward changes that will be attainable and not make you feel deprived from many of your favorite foods. Feeling deprived makes many people binge and fall off the healthy wagon before we hit the end of January.

-Say NO to a new fade diet
-Start by cutting out just one thing
-Pick one meal a day to make a small change
-Stay off the scale
-After a few weeks, cut out another unhealthy habit
-Slowly transition to a way of eating that can become a new healthy lifestyle

I’m here should you need me 🙂

If you’d like a challenge but still want to be real about it, I’ll be introducing a brand new 8-Week Challenge along with extra Nutrition Emphasis. Mark your calendars for 13 Kick Off.