Monday “Express” Class

RIZZMIC MASH_UP with Sara Karman
4:30 pm - 5:15 pm
December 11, 2017

1 min. Each (While rower is entering and exiting, everyone else does Inchworms. ….Two Groups with a set of 3 Exercises Each…..light to med. weight next tow rowers.

  • Row
  • Bicep curl to high elbow row
  • Row
  • Fly/Press__________________________________________________________
  • Battle Rope Waves :
  • Seated Box Squat to jump or calf raise (arms overhead)
  • Hand Release Push-Up
  • Battle Rope waves with alternate Lunges Opt.
  • Inch Worms wtih alt. Prisoner Arms

  • Burpee Box Jumps :
  • Plank Kick-Out to Knee- pull-in:
  • Crunch w/ Medicine Ball
  • Alt. Twisted Mtn. Climbers


MOTIVATION You will thank yourself  in 3 months...