Exciting Changes In Progress!

… in celebration of our upcoming 10 Year Anniversary this Fall!

We’ll be having a big Anniversary Week Celebration in October, but positive additions will keep popping up until then!

You may have noticed our fancy-schmancy new coffee service, but we are also sprucing up some other things:

We have a snazzy new logo:

There’s New Summer Programming:

Fit Grrrl:  Do you know any HS or College girls home for the Summer? Tell them about Fit Grrrl, our great new 8-week Training Program– they’ll go back to school next fall stronger, fitter, fiercer and more confident!

**Register Here **

And more Workshops and Specialized Small Group Trainings to come!

We are also re-arranging our spaces a bit, updating our website, and working hard to make sure we are offering YOU the programs and opportunities that will empower you to feel vibrant.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know!

-Sara and the Team