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Your Body’s Shut-Off Response…

..The feedback has been amazing! One of the biggest questions I got back was… “How do I actually tap into my body’s cues?” It begins through a process called, MINDFUL EATING.  The first step in “intuitive eating” has to do with “overeating.” Many of us end up overeating because we eat way too fast. Good News!..We have an automatic

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Intuitive Eating…

Have you ever felt like you’re on a diet roller coaster;on and then off, and then on again? Or maybe you’ve been wondering which way of eating (out of the thousands out there!) is “right” for you? Have you ever heard of intuitive eating? It’s a proven method to help you get out of that “on again, off again” mindset. Intuitive eating is

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Why Do I Hurt?

Why Do I Hurt? by: Sara KarmanI’ve been so fortunate to work with people and help them better their lives and resume to activities that pain and chronic pain have held them back from doing.Everyday I hear about back issues, shoulder pain, discomfort, arthritis, headaches, fatigue, depression, IBS, muscle weakness, anxiety, etc. I hear about extensive

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“The Muscle of the Soul”

The ‘Muscle of the Soul’ may be Triggering Your Fear and AnxietyThe psoas major muscle (pronounced “so-as”) is often referred to as the deepest core, or “muscle of the soul.” This core-stabilizing muscle located near the hip bone affects mobility, structural balance, joint function, flexibility, and much more. In addition to its function to help