About Us

At Sara’s, we are passionate about making Edgerton a more vibrant, healthy community.

We teach and support each other to Train Smart, feel vibrant, embrace health and build community–both inside the gym and out.

Personal Training, Small Group Training, Group Fitness, Childcare (“Children’s Hour”) and a fully equipped facility available 24/7 are all here to support and empower YOU to to Train Smart and Feel Vibrant!

Take a look around our site, and we hope you’ll call us to schedule a tour of our facility. We want to get to know you and your goals, so we can help you find greater health and wellness! It’s always the right time to get started.

Quick Facts:

  • We are located in Downtown Edgerton (121 N. Henry St.) with facilities available to you 24/7 (*after hours access available with a key fob)
  • Group Fitness classes every day, for all abilities, in a wide variety of styles, all INCLUDED with Membership!
  • Our Memberships have NO CONTRACT: We trust that you’ll be happy here. We don’t need to force you to keep paying if you decide another fitness option is better for you.
  • Childcare offered on-site Monday-Friday, 8:15-9:15am (there’s always a class at that time!), by a highly experienced provider, for only $2 per child. Contact us for more info and to sign up for Children’s Hour! sarashealthfitness@frontier.com 
  • Train Smart: Personal Training with Sara can help you reach your goals faster and easier. Learn to work SMARTER and not harder, and release blocks you didn’t know you could overcome, whether from injuries, physical limitations or mental blocks.
  • Find your tribe. There is a real, palpable sense of community at Sara’s. Whether it’s with the committed retired folks who have coffee after working out every morning, the Moms who love Children’s Hour, the energetic professionals who come to the kick-butt classes every morning before dawn, or in another of the supportive niches here–there is a place for you at Sara’s, and we’ll help you find it.