About Sara

Sara, was born and raised in Edgerton. She and her brother were raised by their mother and father who owned a local business. Her brother is now owner of that business. Sara, opened Sara’s Fitness in 2008 and built from the ground up a 7,900 square foot health club 2 years later.

Sara, has committed instructors, trainers and support staff to empower her members to feel important and know that they aren’t just paying for a membership and that their investment is aimed to help them move better, perform better and play instead of just “working out.”

Sara and her 25+ years of fitness experience is the backbone of Sara’s Fitness. She’s referred by many Physicians, Orthopedics, Chiropractors, Post Rehab facilities and other leaders in the field of Functional Neurology.   Her ongoing education as a certified  Z-Health  trainer, serves those with functional disorders and pain stemming from disease, stroke, brain injuries and disuse of moving.  Her credentials are unmatched by other trainers, yet she still maintains a lifelong process of learning through 1000’s of hours studying how the body moves.

Education and Accreditation:      *AFAA Certified Group Fitness

  • Z Health Essentials of Elite Performance
  • Z Health Movement Re-education Specialist
  • Z Health Movement Integration Specialist
  • Z Health Movement Performance Specialist
  • Z Health Exercise Therapy Specialist

What I do:

  • Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training
  • Fat Loss / Nutrition Coaching
  • Pain Relief via Exercise Therapy
  • Strength & Muscle Development
  • Vision Training
  • Balance Training
  • Habit Change Mentoring
  • Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention
  • Sports Vision Testing & Training
  • Sport Movement & Injury Prevention

Contact Sara at: 608-884-9728 or 608-449-1616 (Please leave name and message)  Email: sarashealthfitness@frontier.com