About Sara

Sara Karman, born and raised in Edgerton, opened Sara’s Fitness 12 years ago. Sara and her 25+ years of fitness experience are the backbone of Sara’s Fitness, supporting a staff of committed instructors, trainers and support staff to empower our Members to feel vibrant and live their best lives. Sara’s breadth and depth of training enables her clients to Train Smarter (not harder!) and see the results they want. By training the nervous system in addition to the muscles, training with Sara can unlock strength and potential you never knew you had.

Sara specializes in working with stroke victims, athletes looking to “up their game,” older folks with balance difficulty or weakness, people with low back pain, and both men and women with anxiety. Her unique blend of training is transformational for people who feel “stuck” in a body that is achy, tired, weak or anxious.

(And no, she’s not too overqualified to work with you if you just want to lose weight, gain strength and have more energy! 😉 )

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