At Sara’s, we are passionate about making Edgerton a more vibrant, healthy community.

Are you stressed, tired and bored by your current fitness routine– or just the thought of a fitness routine?

Would you like more energy, less anxiety, and a supportive community?

We teach and support each other to Train Smart, feel vibrant, embrace health and build community–both inside the gym and out.

At Sara’s, we’ll get to know YOU:

Your goals, and your likes and dislikes–to help you find the routine that gets you the results you want. 

We train Smarter, not Harder:

Thanks to her depth and breadth of training, Sara’s Personal Training is focused on retraining the nervous system in addition to the muscles, unlocking potential and strength you never knew you had.

We are a community here, and we can help you find your tribe:

Whether that’s with the group of committed, positive retired folks who have coffee here every morning after working out, the Moms who use our daily Children’s Hour to get quality childcare while they work out, or the motivated, high-energy professionals who come in before dawn every day to take our kick-butt classes– there’s a place you’ll fit in at Sara’s.

We offer Group Fitness, Personal Training, and a fully-equipped gym available 24 hours/day.